Travel to Seldovia

The most important part of traveling to Seldovia is understanding that no roads connect Seldovia with the rest of Alaska. Travel to Seldovia is by air or water only. This map shows where Seldovia is.

Road travel

To bring your vehicle to Seldovia, you must drive south on the Sterling Highway from Anchorage to Homer. In summer weather this represents about a five hour ride if the road is clear. The Alaska Dept. of Transportation has webcams along the route so you can check local conditions. This map provides driving directions from Anchorage to Homer.

In Homer, you and your vehicle may board the MV Tustumena, the state ferry, to Seldovia. The ferry doesn’t run every day, but the schedule is online, as is more information about other ferry routes and services. Reservations may be made through the Seldovia City Office ferry agent at (907) 234-7868.

Bus travel is available between Anchorage, other Kenai Peninsula communities, and Homer, by Homer Stage Line.

Air travel

It is possible to fly from Anchorage to Homer and then take a local flight across the bay to Seldovia. It takes about an hour to reach Homer and about 15 minutes to get to Seldovia from Homer. Because the local flights leave from the general aviation hangars and not the main airport where the Anchorage-Homer flights arrive, please allow time to take a taxi from the airport to your connecting flight.

Because Seldovia’s airstrip is only rated for good visibility conditions, there are sometimes travel delays due to bad weather. Our local carriers are very good about managing to reroute travelers as expeditiously as possible when delays are necessary, so please be patient. Hint from the locals: many times when air travel isn’t possible, water travel is. Flexibility is part of the adventure, right?

Also, because the flights across the bay use small aircraft, extensive or oversized baggage and/or large pets may not always be accommodated on the same flight as other members of the party. Be sure to let your carrier know in advance if you plan to bring more than just a single bag with you.

Anchorage-Homer air carriers

Era Aviation
Grant Aviation

Homer-Seldovia air carriers

Homer Air
Smokey Bay Air

Marine travel

Performers arrive at the Seldovia Small Boat HarborThere are other options in addition to the state ferry for crossing Kachemak Bay from Homer to Seldovia for foot passengers (remember to check for parking availability if you drive as far as Homer and plan to leave your vehicle there):

These carriers operate between the Homer Boat Harbor and Seldovia Boat Harbor:
Central Charters
Rainbow Tours

These carriers operate between the Homer Boat Harbor and Jakolof Bay, which is about 12 miles by road outside of Seldovia (see further down the page for local taxi service options)
Red Mountain Marine
Mako’s Water Taxi

Moorage is available for boats of all sizes in the Seldovia Small Boat Harbor. Homer Small Boat Harbor has both moorage and a launch ramp for trailered craft. Marine fuels are available at the ferry dock fuel float in Seldovia as well as at several commercial fuel docks in the Homer harbor. Only limited repair services and facilities may be available in Seldovia.

Once you’re on the ground in Seldovia

You may want to print out a copy of the Seldovia Walking Map published by the Seldovia Chamber of Commerce as you plan your visit. You can also find Seldovia on Google maps.

Arrival at the Seldovia Boat Harbor or the Seldovia Marine Highway Terminal (aka “ferry dock”) puts you right in the heart of town and only a few blocks from most accommodations.

The Seldovia Airport is located about half a mile’s easy walk from the middle of Main Street. Local accommodations can often arrange to meet your plane if you ask in advance.

The Jakolof Bay dock is 12 miles outside town. The road is winding and dirt-surfaced, but acceptable for mountain bikes and walkers.

Seldovia Cab & Limousine Service (234-7830) will pick travelers up anywhere between Jakolof Bay and the airport by prearrangement*.

*Please note that cell service is limited in Seldovia and your cell phone may not function reliably (or at all, depending upon your carrier).

Disclaimer: These listings are provided for your convenience and do not represent endorsement or guarantee of availability by the Seldovia Arts Council or the Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival.

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