Lodgings in Seldovia

Most local accommodations are within easy walking or biking distance of the festival venue and all of downtown Seldovia. You may want to print out a copy of the Seldovia Walking Map published by the Seldovia Chamber of Commerce as you plan your visit. You can also find Seldovia on Google maps.

Commercial Lodgings

Seldovia is a small community. While we have many choices in accommodations, the solstice falls during our busiest season and brings many return visitors every year. Bookings are most likely to be successful when made considerably in advance of the festival–no later than March of most years. If you are having difficulty finding lodging, the Seldovia Chamber of Commerce may be able to help you with options.

In Seldovia

Alaska Dancing Eagles Lodge and Cabin Rental
 Boardwalk Hotel
The Bridgekeeper’s Inn B&B
Central Suites of Seldovia
Harbor’s Edge B&B
Laid Back In …Seldovia
Seldovia Fishing Adventures B&B
The Seldovia Harbor Inn
Seldovia Rowing Club B&B
Seldovia Seaport Cottages

Sea Parrot Inn

see seldovia.com for more choices


Near Seldovia

Across-the-Bay Tent and Breakfast Adventure
Jakolof & McDonald Spit Remote Cabin Rentals

Campgrounds and RVs

If you are camping, the Seldovia City Office issues permits for the approved camping and RV park at the Outside Beach (about one mile from the center of town), and the office is located right on the ferry dock. Facilities include public restrooms but no showers. Please keep in mind that black bears are common in the area and are perfectly well aware that campsites offer great snacking opportunities.

Camping or parking RVs is not permitted on the festival venue grounds, nor are pets permitted inside the venue.

Tent or RV camping, other than in designated areas at the Outside Beach, is not permitted within city limits by local ordinance.


Visitors are welcome to stay aboard their own vessels during the festival. Moorage is available for boats of all sizes in the Seldovia Small Boat Harbor. During the summer season, contacting the city in advance for a reservation may be needed if you do not care to be rafted on the transient dock.

Homer Small Boat Harbor has both moorage and a launch ramp for trailered craft. Marine fuels are available at the ferry dock fuel float in Seldovia as well as at several commercial fuel docks in the Homer harbor. Only very limited repair services and facilities may be available in Seldovia.

Disclaimer: These listings are provided for your convenience and do not represent endorsement or guarantee of availability by the Seldovia Arts Council or the Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival.

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