While all the news about the festival goes up on our home page all year long, it can get hard to remember to keep coming back to check on what’s new. To make things easier for you to stay current and not risk missing anything important or timely, it’s possible to subscribe to site updates in several different ways.

RSS updates

RSS feed links for our new additions and our comments are in the lowermost section of our lefthand sidebar. Or, you can copy these feed urls and paste them into your favorite RSS reader:



Not too sure what “RSS” even means? Check out Feed me: A gentle introduction to internet feeds.

Emailed updates

If you’re more comfortable with email and would prefer to stay current with our news that way, you can. Here’s how:

1. Select (highlight) and copy (in your browser menu bar, click on Edit…Copy) this url: (or, for comments,

2. Go to this SendMeRss page:

3. Paste (in your browser menu bar, click on Edit…Paste) the url from step one into the top line of the form.

4. Add your email address. In both lines.

5. Read the Terms and Conditions.

6. Click the “Add Feed” button.

That’s it.

And whenever we update this site, you’ll get the new entry delivered to your email inbox a short while later, for free. Pretty cool, huh?

Emailed event reminders

Would you like a reminder of events that are scheduled? Join the Seldovia Arts Council email list by sending an email to with “mailing list subscribe” in the subject line. We’ll add you to an email reminder list. You can also subscribe to our google calendar and set it to send you reminders at intervals that you specify.

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