Be a festival volunteer

We can’t do it alone, where by “we” we mean the small core group of Seldovia Arts Council members Festival volunteerswho keep the festival perking behind the scenes all year long.

When it comes time for the festival, we need more help. Lots of it. Luckily, a lot of the help we need is pretty simple and not terribly time-consuming. Do you suppose you could lend a hand?

Here’s some of what we need:

  • housing for artists (individuals or couples) for two nights
  • transportation: can you give someone a ride from the airport or harbor or back again?
  • set up the stage and chairs
  • set up the sound equipment
  • decorate the stage
  • Festival volunteersset up the green room before & tidy after each performance
  • tidy up between performances/workshops
  • stagehands
  • put away the stage and chairs
  • clean up the venue after the festival
  • create the program pamphlet (using a Word template)
  • copy and assemble program pamphlets
  • set up the gate before performances
  • work at the gate helping with sales
  • contribute a dish to the performers’ dinner on Saturday night (or meals at any other time)
  • put up posters around town

See? None of those things are really hard or scary or even take more than 15 minutes to an hour or two. And they make a big, big difference to making this the great festival we all love.

Won’t you email us at and tell us you can help out?

PhotographerGot photos?

While we have our own photographers, it’s a big, busy festival and we can’t catch everything. Add to our festival archives by sending us ( links to where you’ve uploaded your still photos or videos. And if you can, tag your work with “seldoviasummersolsticemusicfest08” (or whichever year) so searches will find them well.

Important reminder to volunteers

When you are helping out at the festival, please remember to sign the volunteer attendance sheet and jot down the amount of time you’ve worked. While we do get grant funding that supports a lot of our operating budget, granting agencies look to community support to determine which recipients are worthy. By including our in-kind donations of labor in our overall festival budget, we help demonstrate local commitment and support that reaches beyond those who directly share funding with us. You’ve taken the time to help us; let’s make the time you give us count as much as possible.

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