The 2009 Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival is presented by the Seldovia Arts Council. We receive major funding from the Alaska State Council on the Arts.

THANKS YOU ALL for Everything!!


SAC Board members:Laurel Hilts, Rob Rurka, Greg Davis, Betsy Scott

SAC Officers: Susan Mumma, Susan Zerwick, Tania Spurkland  Darlene Crawford

Housing: Chair  Jerry Stranik,  Dale and Gary Bader, Tim and Ila Dillon, Fritz and Jackie Graese, Linda and Bill Greene, Inlet Towers, Anchorage, Gary and Lona Milton, Betsy Scott, Susan Mumma, Tobin and Tania Spurkland, Jerry and Suzie Stranik, Jerry Swanson, Mike Webber Margy  Johnson, The Driftwood, Dr. Sparaga

Food: Susie Stranik ,Happy Schnieder Dakota Stranik,  Mary Ann Wilson Felicia Rowland, Jan Wyland, Tamara Blodget, Kathy Giles, Monty Hingley, Tania Spurkland, Linda Green, Judith Lethin,  Jackie Graese, Mary Anne Wilson, Greg Davis, Camille Turner, Valarie Morin, Isabelle Harbough.

Stage: Set Up/Clean Up  Tobin Spurkland,  Bob Moser, Mike Webber, Rob Rurka, Sadie Synn, Betsy Scott, Tania Spurkland,  Tim Davis,  Greg Davis, Daryl Scherkenbach

Stage Managers: Laurel Hilts and Bob Moser, Simone de Biblioteque and the Caterina in the Hat

Transportation: Tania Spurkland, Jerry Stranik, Jaime Michaels, Mary Ray at Batkat Music

Sound: Dan MacElrath, Sadi Synn,  Vada Dunford,

Ticket Sales:  Monte Hingley at Herring Bay Mercantile

Keys: Dr. Bryon McCord, Ashton McCord, Susan Zerwick

Workshops:  Jennifer Gordon

T- Shirt Crew: Tim, Rebecca , Denise, Davis

Program: Susan Zerwick, Darlene Crawford

Sponsorship: Susan Mumma, Rhonda Haynes, Mary Chapman, J. Dillion, Felicia Rowland, Happy Schneider


Beluga Stars

Alaska State Council on the Arts

Greg Davis

Dr. and Mrs.  Stranik

Mega Star

Crazy Crow Productions

Bradford G. Keithley

Linwood Bar,  Miller and Miller

Tide Pool Café

June M. Uminski

Michael Webber

Super Star

Batkat Music

F/V Independence (Mike Miller)

Lewis Dickensen

Margie and Byron McCord


Mark and Felicia Rowland

Katherine Orth Showers

Brian and Jennifer Watson

In-Kind Donations

City of Seldovia

Seldovia Boys and Girls Club

Seldovia Chamber of Commerce

Seldovia Native Association

Susan B. English School

Driftwood Inn

Add your name to this list!


Seldovia Arts Council Board: Susan Mumma, Susan Zerwick, Darlene Crawford, Tania Spurkland,Laurel Hilts, Rob Rurka, Greg Davis, Betsy Scott


Festival Director: Susan Mumma, Publicity: Susan Zerwick: Housing: Jerry Stranik, Transportation: Tania Spurkland: Stage Manager: Laurel Hilts,Joy Louise Smith, Hospitality: Suzie Stranik,Happy Schnieder,  Gate: Darlene Crawford, Felicia Rowland,  Sound: Dan MacElrath, Sadie Synn  Site: Tobin Spurkland, Rob Rurka, Bob Moser, Workshops: Jennifer Gordon, Yoga and Site Clean-up: Betsy Scott Merchandize: Greg Davis , J. Dillion, Rhonda and Mary at the City of Seldovia ….more to come!!!

Would you like to be a part of the festival? Consider being a sponsor or a volunteer—we certainly need the help.

And to help out the Arts Council in general, consider becoming a regular member. We can provide you with the membership form at the festival for instant membership or you may download a copy (pdf) and send it to the address indicated on the form.

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