Workshops at Seldovia Summer Solstice Festival were half the fun!!! :School was never this fun!!

22 06 2011

Streching not only your imagination....

Ferry jam getting started.Moira teaching a song.

Streching not only your imagination…


practicing with Dan McElrath

Slow hand jam techniques..with Kevin Cassidy

Moria Smiley and Voco’s harmony workshop.

Robin Hopper's Choirchimes and Boomwackers

The Nelezen's dance

Songwriting intensive with Robin Hopper

Songwriting workshop with Jaime Michaels and Paul Thompson

Meet and greet at the local pub

jamming on the ferry, Tustemena

jamming in the sunshine

moira and VOCO get creative

Boomwacking with Robin Hopper

Songwriting intensive with Robin Hopper

moira and VOCO harmony and body percussion


2011Schedule for Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Fest

26 05 2011

June 16
11:45 Tust:emena leaves the Homer dock for Seldovia Ferry JAM
6:00 No host dinner performer get together.. TBA
8:00 Open Mike for those who are not already in the festival line-up

June 17
8 AM yoga for everyone
10 AM Contra dance workshop
10 Am Writers workshop
10 Am Sound check for headliners
1-4 PM Sound checks see schedule

7:00 PM
Festival Mainstage

June 18
8 am yoga for everyone
10 AM Tide Pool Song Circle
1-4 Workshops
4-6ish.. Performer Dinner
Festival Mainstage

June 19
2 PM Gospel Jam

2011 Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival June 16-19

22 05 2011

The 2011 Seldovia Solstice Music Festival features headliners: moira smiley and VOCO from Los Angeles, Calfiornia and Jamie Michaels from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Both are award winning performers in their genre. (see individual biographies in the column to the right.)

Other performers include a mix of national and international pros and Local Seldovian favorites. Those performers are: Paul Thompson from the United Kingdom, Bianca De Leon from Austen, Texas, Karen and Don Mc Natt from Nashville, Diamonds in the Rough , from Illinois,Anne and Rob Nelezen from Wisconsin, Anchorage area performers, Mt. Echo,

Dan McElrath, Robin Hopper and the Acoustic Banana and local performers, Betsy Scott, the Rob Rurka Band and Brian Slover and Billy Goat!

Participants and performers alike can begin the festival on June 16, while attending the Ferry Jam on the Alaska Marine Highway ship, Tustemena, then follow up with an evening of open mike participation. Those who bring their instruments and talent to Seldovia, yet are not on the roster can be a big part of these events.

Friday morning will include workshops in songwriting, and contra-dance, a session of yoga and a chance to get some sight-seeing done. Friday evening the first main-stage event will take place. Be there at 7 PM for an evening of fine performances.

Saturday morning get up early for a session of yoga for musicians and then head on down to the Tide Pool Cafe for a song circle. Saturday afternoon 1:30-4 workshops of all types for all ages will be part of the fun. Again in the evening 7PM great performances on the mainstage.

Sunday at 2 PM you can join the gospel jam on the

porch of Dancing Eagles Lodge.

More events will be added so keep an eye on this post..

2010 What a great festival it was!!

28 04 2010

Photo by Esther GoltonA Big Thank You to all the folks who made the Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival’s 10th Anniversary  very special.

As director of the SSMF I would like to personally thank the Board of Directors and volunteers who came to the front lines to help out with this event. Tania and Tobin Spurkland, Suzie and Jerry Stranik, Laurel Hilts, Sadi Syn, Felicia Rowland, Bob Moser, Rose McInnes, Happy Schnieder, Darlene Crawford, Betsy Scott, Monty Hingley, Rob Rurka, Dan McElrath,  Kathleen George, and myself took on major committees  to spearhead the event.

Others stepped forward to help: Sherri Burt, Jackie Graese, Susan Zerwick, Daryl Scherkenbach,  Byron McCord, Veda McElrath, Keith Gain and the ladies who provided food and snacks for the event.   Thank you all!!!!

This year the event featured three days of fun, beginning  with two free events. While riding Tustemena ferry Thursday afternoon the group of musicians en route to the festival got to know each other by jamming all the way to Seldovia.  After another great “get to know you” event and dinner at the Linwood, some festival goers and locals participated in the festivals first open mike  at SBE School. Some who had never attended made a debut!! Participant numbers swelled from three sign-ups to over 13 acts. Great fun!!

On Friday morning early birds got up to stretch with Betsy Scott at Yoga and then on to Matt Hammer’s Performance workshop at 10 AM.  Several of us got pointers in presenting ourselves and our music on stage.  I, for one, look at performing a bit differently!

Friday evening’s performances were outrageous, featuring headliner Danny Schmidt with Carrie Elkin.  Liz Malys, Billy Goat, Milo Matthews, Alex De Pue , Miguel De Hoyos and Matt Hammer filled out the night. What magic can happen on our small stage here in Seldovia. .

Saturday  morning early yoga was followed by a jam at the Tide Pool Café.  This is always a great way to take a look at our wonderful harbor, spoon up some great eats, and enjoy the camaraderie of homemade music.

Saturday afternoon workshops were outstanding featuring : drumming (Kippy Lanz)  , songwriting (Danny Schmidt and Carrie Elkin), fiddle facts from soup to nuts..and some one-on-one instruction (Alex De Pue, right hand guitar styles (Miguel De Hoyos), Technigues for Singing in Tune (Esther Golton), slow jamming (Kevin Cassidy), Blue Licks (Rob Rurka) Sound Healing (Shawn Zuke) and a Bass workshop (Milo Matthews.

Milo Matthews lead some workshop attendees in a Collaboration piece that was later performed on stage.. All eyes were on Milo and the piece was artfully accomplished in about an hour The group  included almost complete strangers. I was completely impressed!!

Seldovia Summer Solstice Festival Sizzles

13 01 2010

Starting  Thursday,  June 17th a musical odyssey will begin  as the annual Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival gets off to a great start. Leave the Homer Spit, take a ride on the “Tusty” HMS Tustemena , participate in some jamming onboard with festival headliners and friends, have dinner in beautiful Seldovia and then attend an open mike.

These events precede the official start of the festival which will begin Friday morning, June 18 at 10 AM with a Performance workshop taught by Alaskan Songwriter and longtime performer, Matt Hammer. In this workshop you can hone your stage presence, work on mike handling and more.

Friday evening at 7:00 the festival main stage will feature a variety of Alaskan, National and International touring acts.

Saturday at 10 AM there will be a song circle lead  by headliner Danny Schmidt.  You can enjoy breakfast and coffee at the Tidepool Restaurant as you join in.

A variety of music related workshops will run simultaneously at 1:00 PM.  Try  a drumming circle with Kippy Lanz, learn some interesting fiddle facts from Alex De Pue,  hone your guitar skills with Miguel De Hoyos,  get some tips on singing  in tune with Esther Golton, or harmonizing with  Kevin Cassidy, Kippy Lanz and Liza Jaimeson.  All of us kids will enjoy a puppet show with Crista Cady. We can try song writing with Danny Schmidt and Carrie Elkin, and we can attend a sound healing workshop with  Shawn Zuke.  Milo Matthews will head up the collaboration of artists this year. Are we having fun yet?  There is a lot more.

After the workshops there will be a Performer/Volunteer dinner- preshowtime 4:30- 6:00 .. All performers and volunteers  are welcome to join in for a delightful dinner prepared by our Hospitality Committee.

Saturday evening at 7:00 is the second half of the main stage presentations.

After the show listen for jam sites.

Sunday afternoon at 2:00 PM you can sit out on the porch at “Dancing Eagles” and sing along in the Gospel Sing.

Headlining acts this year include Alex De Pue and Miguel De Hoyos. Alex is an extraordinary violinist who has won many awards for his sizzling strings and facility in many fiddle styles. He was born to classically trained parents, and has brothers who carry the family tradition. He is one of the virtuoso De Pue Brothers but Alex takes the fiddle to a whole new level .  He recently was chosen to be the fiddler of the Stevie Vai band, touring since 2007.  He often partners with Miguel De Hoyos who is one of Mexico’s finest guitarists.  Miguel has flawlessly entertained heads of state and foreign dignitaries in a classical style. When playing together a jaw dropping synergy that suspends belief is created.   Alex and Miguel branch off into rock classics, bluegrass, and more in their truly awesome performances.

Headliner Danny Schmidt from Austin, Texas is a truly gifted songwriter –poet. His compelling songs are those you bend your ears to capture.  His a gentle intricate style and accomplished musicianship complements his inspired imagery. His songs echo many of his viewpoints about life in general and about what is truly important.   Danny will be accompanied by edgy Austin songstress Carrie Elkin, a star in her own right.

Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival Applications

13 01 2010

The following information can be sent to the Seldovia Arts Council regarding applications for the Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival.


By two paid head-ling acts are selected.  If you wish to be considered for this, please contact us between July and November.  Acts that have been personally previewed will be considered first.  Notification of headlining acts will be January.

Beginning in January applications for  25 minute unpaid positions will be taken.  Acts chosen for these slots will receive transportation across the bay from Homer and housing while in Seldovia.

Send us:

Name of Act:

Band Members:
Describe a Workshop you would like to teach.

Stage Requirements Mikes, stands, chairs etc.

Housing Requirements  (Can you share a room etc.)
Transportation requirements (How do you plan to come to Seldovia?)

Biography of group for program.. Recommendations from media…a digital picture…
Send applications (postmarked by March 1)

Susan Mumma

Festival Director

Seldovia Arts Counci

Box 41  Seldovia,  Alaska

OR   Please send applications via email to

Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival 2010

13 11 2009

festlogoJune  18 and 19 will be the main stage dates for the 2010 festival… Don’t forget the ferry jam on the 17th too!!