Weekend in a Nutshell 2009


Thursday June 18   11:00  Meet at the Tusty for the FERRY JAM.. led by Radoslav Lorkovic and Gang

Thursday   June 18  7:30ISH   No-host dinner at TidePool Cafe……….Meet the festival volunteers and artists

Thursday   June  18….. After Dinner Collaboration Meetings … with Radoslav Lorkovic

Friday        June   19    8:30 Stretch with Morning Yoga..    with Betsy Scott

Friday        June    19    10-12  Song Writing seminar……with Robin Hopper and interested songwriters.

Friday        June    19     1:00  Collaboration Meetings.. with Radoslav Lorkovic

Friday        June    19     1-5       Sound checks

Friday        June    19     6:30    Show begins

Saturday   June    20   Morning Yoga …with Betsy Scott

Saturday   June    20    10-11   Song Circle  Tide Pool Restaurant (Rad)

Saturday   June     20   1-4        Workshops (see schedule)

Saturday   June    20    4-5:30  Performer Dinner

Saturday   June    20    6:30    Show begins

Sunday     June     21     2:30  Gospel Songs   Potluck Bunch (Lithin’s island)

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