Program 2009

Friday evening

Opening of festival with Simone de Biblioteque and Robert Post
6:30— The Hopper Family Band includes, Robin, Bruce, Caiti, and Grady Hopper. A family who sings together, stays together! You will love their tight harmonies..These great musicians are from Chugiak. 120px-The_Hopper_Family_Band

6:50Relatively Famous– this fun group from Homer, Alaska brings a colorful palate of World music, songs and original music played on a variety of interesting instruments by Sunrise Sjoeberg, Marjolean, Cardon, and Tim Quinn.

7:10 Tim Davis is an up and coming musician from Provo, Utah and currently  Seldovia, Alaska.  He artfully plays his original  guitar compositions, with a style all his own. His  songs range from alternative to folk.  This is Tim’s first appearance in the festival.

7:30 Hot Club of Nunaka, hot gypsy jazz, Dawg, Django and beyond…this group illustrates the fact that the distance between Appalachia and the Samois sur Seine is not that far, musically. The group features Anchorage musicians, Eric Rogers, N. Levine, Derek Christianson and Joh Schick.

7:50 Eric Braendel— a former, winner of the Alaska Song of the Year, contest sings his heartfelt originals. Some say he’s Alaska’s Gordon Lightfoot. Eric’s son Sean will join him on stage.5048125

8:10 — Radoslav Lorkovic sought after- world class blues and boogie woogie pianist from Austen and the world, Radoslav returns to Seldovia after a three-year absence. Where’s he been? Why touring with Odetta, Jimmy La Fave, Dave Moore and more..oh…and dare we mention the accordian?

8:30 Intermission

8:50Mary Jane Lamond, Wendy MacIsaacs and Patric Gillis (see bio)

9:35 — Robert Post:extrodinarily funny comedian and dramatist(see bio)

9:55 —-Town Creek:  A traditional-style   bluegrass band from Anchoarge featuring master musicians Tony Elder, Jeff Walker, Dan Guzaukas, and Nancy Moore. Town Creek has been together five plus years, traveling all over the state and having the distinction of playing at the opening ceremonies of the 50th Anniversary of Statehood last year.

10:15 —Billy Goat: Seldovia’s own bluegrass and old-timely band features tight bluegrass music by Seldovians Jeff Snedgen, Chris Lelo, Kerry Hendricks and Kirby Corwin.

10:35 -Let’s Dance: With a selected group of the festival’s best.

Saturday evening

6:30 — Faolan– This young Irish band from Anchorage features the talents of Ahnna Sutherlin, William Sutherlin, and Dane Walker.

6:50 — Back Alley Banned– Jolly Irish tunes from the Back Alley’s of Anchorage featuring Ben Alexander, Marylyn Backus, Donna Fearey, Brett Jokela,  John Lewis, Terry McCoy, Suzi Fowler Perri. Back Alley Banned gets its name from the Back Alley of Suzi’s Woollies, 420 G Street in Anchorage, were they first began to stir the Irish.

Radoslav will be teaching workshop in Piano and Accordian, "Accordian as a Food Group?"7:10 — Betsy Scott–is  a steamy jazz songstress from Seldovia, debuting at this festival. (It is rumored that Betsy has a 20 year history in the theater, having been featured at the Alaska Repetory Theater, the Pacific Rim with the Alaska Repetory Theater and Cyrano’s.) This gal loves to sing!!!

7:30 —Jaime Michaels–is unique in the world of songsters. Traveling artist, New Mexican songwriter sings his own beautifully crafted originals. Jaime is returning to Seldovia after being featured at Kerrville(Texas).He is debuting his new CD,”Crooked” which is hot off the press this month.


7:50– Red Mountain Ramblers– is a great bluegrass and new grass by local “out the roaders” including local wizard of strings, Seldovian, Rob Rurka.

8:10– Robin Hopper – a mega-accomplished musician, winner of many awards, including Alaska’s Teacher of the Year, is one of Alaska’s sweetest,and finest singers and teacher or millions.

8:30 Intermission

8:50–Robert Post: See his bio page

9:35–Mary Jane Lamond: See  her bio page

9:55–Emily Kurn— With a bachelor’s degree in Theater Arts and 25 years of performance experience ranging from classical ballet and voice, to piano and musical theater, Emily Kurn is undeniable at home onstage. Since her relocation from the San Francisco Bary Area to Alaska six years ago, Emily has piled up a long list of songwriting awards including the Woody Guthrie Folk Fest Songwriting Contest, the International Songwriting Competition and was a Kerrville New Folk Finalist. Her albums have charted consecutive months on folk and roots charts and she was a 2008 Rasumson Artist Grant recipient.  In November she released her newest project, her son, Sam. He is not for sale but her CDS are.  This will be her first trip to Seldovia.

10:15–Dan Mac Quartet– —Great 30’s and 40’s tunes featuring Katie Strock on vocals, Erroll Brester base, Cameron Cartland,drums, Rick Zelinsky, sax and band leader Dan Mac Elrath on killer piano.

10:35Collaboration Piece featuring the talents of most of the festival musicians led by Radoslav Lorkovic

Note: this schedule is subject to change, right up until the performers go on stage. But this version is probably pretty close.

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