Performer Travel and Housing 2009

Housing will be provided for performers.  The festival will choose this housing for you.  You may be staying at a bed and breakfast, a hotel, or in someone’s private home, depending upon the housing donations that we are able to arrange. This is part of the fun of the festival for everyone.  If you bring a spouse or family member, that family member is not guaranteed a bed  unless, you are willing to sleep doubles and depending again on the housing we are able to secure.  If you would like to camp, we have wonderful beachfront camping…great for those beach fires..

Transportation to and from the festival will be reimbursed  for performers only up to $65.00  Family must pay their own travel.

Here are some travel options for travel that bring you directly to Seldovia.

M/V Tustumena (36 vehicles plus 210 passengers)  Leaves Thursday.. June 18 at  11:00 am.. please be there ahead of time to get you ticket.  $65.00 rnd trip. (Adult)  234-7888    Returns  Sunday June 21   6:PM

M/V Rainbow Connection (99 passengers)  235-7272

10:30 AM  departure Homer  includes a tour of Gull Island.

6:00 PM   departure Homer  direct shuttle to Seldovia

4:00 PM   Shuttle Seldovia to Homer

8:00 AM   Shuttle Seldovia to Homer

M/V  Discovery (90 passengers)  Central Charters  235-7847

Departs Homer 11:00 AM Tour… be early..

Airlines SMOKEY BAY AIR 235-1511 $89.00 rnd trip  or HOMER AIR $96.00 rnd trip  235- 8591 or 234-7899

These airlines shuttle almost hourly from Homer to Seldovia.

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