Festival Press Release 2010

Starting  June 17th a musical odyssey will begin  as the annual Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival gets off to a great start. Leave the Homer Spit, take a ride on the “Tusty” HMS Tustemena , participate in some jamming onboard with festival headliners and friends, have dinner in beautiful Seldovia and then attend an open mike.

These events precede the official start of the festival which will begin Friday morning, June 18 at 10 AM with a Performance workshop taught by Alaskan Songwriter and longtime performer, Matt Hammer. In this workshop you can hone your stage presence, work on mike handling and more.

Friday evening at 7:00 the festival main stage will feature a variety of Alaskan , National and International touring acts.

Saturday at 10 AM there will be a song circle lead y by headliner Danny Schmidt.  You can enjoy breakfast and coffee at the Tidepool Restaurant as you join in.

A variety of music related workshops will run simultaneously at 1:00 PM. Try some jug band music, with the Simone’s Mystery Band, a slow jam banjo session with Kevin Cassity,  a drumming circle, Kippy Lanz learn some interesting fiddle facts from Alex De Pue, hone your guitar skills with Miguel De Hoyos,  get some tips of staying in tune with Esther Golton, or harmonizing with Liza Jaimeson.  All of us kids will enjoy a puppet show with Crista Cady. We can try songwritng with Danny Schmidt and Carrie Elkin, and we can use sound for healing with Shawn Zuke. Milo Mathews will head up the collaboration of artists this year. Are we having fun yet?  There is alot more.

Saturday evening at 7:00 is the second half of the main stage presentations.

After the show listen for jam sites..

Sunday afternoon at 2:00 PM you can sit out on the porch at Dancing Eagles a sing along in the Gospel Sing.

Our headlining acts this year include Alex De Pue and Miguel De Hoyos. Alex is an extrodinary  violinist who has won many awards for his sizzling strings and facility in many fiddle styles. He was born to classically trained parents, and has brothers who carry the family tradition. He is one of the virtuoso De Pue Brothers but Alex takes the fiddle to a whole new level .  He recently was chosen to be the fiddler of the Stevie Vai band, touring since 2007.  He often partners with Miguel De Hoyos who is one of Mexico’s finest guitarists.  Miguel has flawlessly entertained heads of state and foreign dignitaries in a classical style. When playing together a jaw dropping synergy  that suspends belief is created.   Alex and Miguel branch off into rock classics, bluegrass, and more in their truly awesome performances.

Headliner Danny Schmidt from Austin, Texas is a truly gifted songwriter –poet. His compelling songs are those you bend your ears to capture. He is a gentle intricate style and accomplished musicianship complement his inspired imagery. His songs echo many of his viewpoints about life in general and about what is truly important.   Danny will be accompanied by edgy Austin songstress Carrie Elkin, a star in her own right.

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