2010 Weekend in a Nutshell

Dear Festival Performer,

Welcome. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us and  joining the Seldovia Arts Council in making the Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival an event that many look forward to all year long.  We are going to have a blast this weekend.

I hope you be will attending the ferry jam on the “Tustemena”  Thursday at 11ish. You can walk on or you can bring your vehicle. Make a reservation if you are bringing your vehicle via the Alaska Marine Highway system.

You are invited to come out Thursday evening   the 17th to a no-host dinner at the Linwood Restaurant.  You will meet many of the festival volunteers and get a chance to socialize a bit.  Following the dinner we will be hosting an open mike at the S. B. E. School starting at 8:00 PM.  This is mostly for those who are not performing on the main stage, and is free to the public.

Friday Morning come on over for Yoga at 9:00 AM ( if you have not stayed up too late).  This will be at the Susan B. English School Music Room.  Betsy Scott will be the instructor.

At 10:00 Matt Hammer will lead a performance workshop where you can try your skills at the mike and learn the best ways to present yourself onstage:

Morning sound checks for Alex De Pue and Miguel De Hoyos  and Danny Schmidt and Carrie Elkin at 9:00. These will be held in the

Friday   1-4  Will be Sound Check: The checks will be 20 minutes max and will go in order of performance. Please check with Rose McInnes , our stage manager for your schedule.

Friday: Performances 7:00-10:30

Saturday Morning:  Yoga at  School Music Room

Saturday Morning:   Song Circle at the Tide Pool … please attend this, if at all possible. It really adds to the community’s participation in the festival.

Saturday Afternoon:  1-4   Workshops  at SBE.

Saturday:  4:30-5:30   Performer Dinner.  The Hospitality Committee is preparing a great dinner pre-performance for all of the performers and volunteers.

Saturday:  Performance 7:00-10:30 …will end with the “Collaboration”.

An inside Festival Jam will follow the performance place TBA

Sunday:  2:00 PM  Gospel Jam on Dancing Eagle’s deck.

Please feel free to jam anywhere you want to in Seldovia.  Just one thing… It is really bad form at this festival to be jamming and performing somewhere else while the Main stage shows are going on.  Please give all of the performers the courtesy of being heard.  Come on up to the performances and support your fellow artists.

Also, remember that you are representing the Seldovia Arts Council while you are in Seldovia. Please make us proud.  Food and drink are not allowed on the school carpet.  There is lots of green grass surrounding the school which is also considered an alcohol free zone, but food is fine there and in the “Ottertorium” where dinner will be served.  Open beer containers are not allowed on the streets of Seldovia.  You don’t want to get a ticket from Officer Andy. How embarrassing it would be to end up in the Seldovia jail.  The restaurants, the Tidepool, The Mad Fish and the Linwood  Bar sell “spirits”  and you can bring “spirits”  to  the jam..   We do have young people performing who would like to join the fun, so please be respectful of that as well.

Thank you so much for coming. It is really appreciated. Have a great time.

Susan Mumma  Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival Director      234-7614

This year’s Hospitality Chairman is Suzy Stranik. Please check with her for your packet when you arrive in Seldovia  234-2060

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