2011Schedule for Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Fest

26 05 2011

June 16
11:45 Tust:emena leaves the Homer dock for Seldovia Ferry JAM
6:00 No host dinner performer get together.. TBA
8:00 Open Mike for those who are not already in the festival line-up

June 17
8 AM yoga for everyone
10 AM Contra dance workshop
10 Am Writers workshop
10 Am Sound check for headliners
1-4 PM Sound checks see schedule

7:00 PM
Festival Mainstage

June 18
8 am yoga for everyone
10 AM Tide Pool Song Circle
1-4 Workshops
4-6ish.. Performer Dinner
Festival Mainstage

June 19
2 PM Gospel Jam

2011 Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival June 16-19

22 05 2011

The 2011 Seldovia Solstice Music Festival features headliners: moira smiley and VOCO from Los Angeles, Calfiornia and Jamie Michaels from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Both are award winning performers in their genre. (see individual biographies in the column to the right.)

Other performers include a mix of national and international pros and Local Seldovian favorites. Those performers are: Paul Thompson from the United Kingdom, Bianca De Leon from Austen, Texas, Karen and Don Mc Natt from Nashville, Diamonds in the Rough , from Illinois,Anne and Rob Nelezen from Wisconsin, Anchorage area performers, Mt. Echo,

Dan McElrath, Robin Hopper and the Acoustic Banana and local performers, Betsy Scott, the Rob Rurka Band and Brian Slover and Billy Goat!

Participants and performers alike can begin the festival on June 16, while attending the Ferry Jam on the Alaska Marine Highway ship, Tustemena, then follow up with an evening of open mike participation. Those who bring their instruments and talent to Seldovia, yet are not on the roster can be a big part of these events.

Friday morning will include workshops in songwriting, and contra-dance, a session of yoga and a chance to get some sight-seeing done. Friday evening the first main-stage event will take place. Be there at 7 PM for an evening of fine performances.

Saturday morning get up early for a session of yoga for musicians and then head on down to the Tide Pool Cafe for a song circle. Saturday afternoon 1:30-4 workshops of all types for all ages will be part of the fun. Again in the evening 7PM great performances on the mainstage.

Sunday at 2 PM you can join the gospel jam on the

porch of Dancing Eagles Lodge.

More events will be added so keep an eye on this post..