A Big Thank You to all our Festival Volunteers, Performers, Sponsors and Supporters

25 06 2012

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The Seldovia Arts Council would love to thank those who helped us produce the 12th Annual Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival. Many thanks to our sponsors, volunteers and performers:

Auntie’s Whole Foods, Dawn Berg, Chris Berg, Boardwalk Hotel, Bridgekeeper’s Inn, Simone De Biblioteque, Eric Braendel, Sean Braendel, Rick Brooks, Tamara Blodgett, Lorinda Bridge, Phil Bridge, City of Seldovia, Jenny Chissus,Marina Chissus, Virginia Chissus, John Cook, Serena Coons, Crystal Collier, Courtney Collier, Kirby Corwin, Crabpot Grocery, Dan Crary, Darlene Crawford, Andy Criscuolo, Kathleen George, , John Dettrich, Andrea Dettrich,Lewis Dickinson, Jackie Dickinson,Mary Anne Driscoll, Mike Driscoll, Cliff Eberhardt, Janette Garrison, Doug Garrison,Amy Gilson, Grant Aviation, Karin Gustafson, Al Hand, Eileen Hand, Val Henning,  Zane Henning, Kari Hendrich, Pam Henry, Monty Hingley, Laurel Hilts,  Sunni Hilts, Hopkins Brothers Construction, Robin Hopper, Homer News, Homer Tribune, Hurricane Dave, Inn at Harbor’s Edge, Integrity Survey, Inc.  Esther Int-Hout, KBBI Radio, Peggy Keesecker, Tom Keesecker, Angela Kositz, Rebecca Lambourn, Lyn Lemon, Chris Lethin, Judith Lethin, Savannah Lethin, Tim Lethin, Donna Levesque,  Chris Lillo,Linwood Bar and Grill, Marsha Lind, Milo Matthews, Robert D. Maurer,  Margie McCord, Dan Mc Elrath, Veda Mc Elrath, Rosanna Mc Innes,  Cindy, McKenna, Bob Moser Harmony Moser, Mary Montgomery, Susan Mumma, Sandy Murray, Lee Pekrul,  Rene Purpura, Tim Quinn, Rant and Raven Morris Dancers, Joanne Teague, Tide Pool Café, Olivia Turner, Serena Turner, June M. Uminsky Trust, Vivian Rojas, Lindianne Sarno, Gary Sawdy,  Sea Parrot Inn,  Ruth Sensenig, Seldovia Chamber of Commerce,  Seldovia Gazette, Seldovia Seacatch, Seldovia Rowing Club Inn, Seldovia Village Tribe, Sunrise Sjoberg, Steve Spurgin, Tania Spurkland, Tobben Spurkland, Brian Slover, George Smallwood, Trina Smallwood, Jeff Snedgen, James Lee Stanley,  Martin Stevens, Jerry Stranik, Suzie Stranik,  Susan B. English School, Suzanne Summerville, Sadi Synn,Marcia Uminski,  Mike Webber, Mary Ann Wilson , Aliah, Wheeler, and Susan Zerwick.

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6 06 2012

2012 Headliners for Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival Announced…June 21-24

21 11 2011

!!Dan Crary and Thunderation

A concert by Thunderation is whistling winds in the pines, rambling boys and tragic girls, joys and laughter from old times, fast and furious instrumental tunes and a little touch of glory-to-god. And it’s ghosts of Jimmie Rogers and The Carter Family and Bill and Lester and Earl and Woodie Guthrie and all the greats who showed us the way

When Thunderation plays, you may “shiver when the cold wind blows,” but it’s OK because pretty soon, “sun’s gonna’ shine in my back door someday.”

DAN CRARY is the musical legend, master of the guitar, a founder and pioneer of flatpicking, and a stylist with an international reputation for innovation, taste, and brilliance. His performance style blends traditional material from a variety of American sources and continues to blaze exciting new territory in his recordings and personal appearances today. Dan is a veteran of tours in more than thirty countries as he connects musically and personally with fans throughout the world. If creativity, quality, and longevity are hallmarks of artistic achievement, then Dan Crary must be recognized as one of the greatest traditional artists of our day.

STEVE SPURGIN is a native son of the Lone Star State whose song writing, recording, and performing have spanned the globe and earned him wide acclaim and a multitude of fans. As a former Nashville staff writer penning songs for the publishing companies of Gene Watson and Reba McEntire, Steve has several major country music hits to his credit and has received awards from BMI and IBMA, as well as being a “New Folk” winner at the prestigious Kerrville Folk Festival. His “performed with” resume’ includes, among others, the super group California, Byron Berline and Sundance, Mason Williams, Freddy Fender, and The Limelighters.

MARTIN STEVENS already packs a musical wallop. He has a decade of experience and a substantial reputation in the Pacific northwest. He is destined to become a force to be reckoned with in American roots music.

James Lee Stanley and Cliff Eberhardt  All Wood and Doors

Fans of The Doors, acoustic guitar aficionados, as well as Crosby Stills & Nash, Buffalo Springfield, Rubber Soul, the Eagles, or classic Beach Boys harmonies are in for a real treat.

Can you imagine what The Doors songs would have sounded like if they had been created with acoustic guitars? Would Light My Fire, Riders On the Storm or Touch Me been as powerful played on acoustic guitars and filled with vocal harmonies?

The idea behind James Lee Stanley and Cliff Eberhardt going into the studio in May of 2010 was to make a recording like no other you’ve ever heard. The secret? Take classic Doors songs and rearrange them through their (James & Cliff’s) own sensibilities of acoustic guitars and rich vocal harmonies, tempered through thirty years of making acoustic rock music. Both James Lee and Cliff are well equipped to deliver the goods.

FI magazine called James Lee Stanley’s solo guitar and voice cd, Freelance Human Being, “a masterpiece and one of the all time great recordings.” Sing Out magazine said of Cliff Eberhardt’s latest solo effort, “palpable intimacy and passion… it’s Eberhardt’s soulful renditions, mixed with the CD’s perfect acoustics, that fools you into thinking Cliff was performing in your living room.”

Between them Cliff and James Lee have recorded over 30 acoustic rock music albums. Then they came together and created a genuine masterpiece. All Wood and Doors will serve to reintroduce the musical genius of James Lee Stanley and Cliff Eberhardt to the world.

James Lee and Cliff spent the better part of 2010 picking and arranging the songs, recording and producing, mixing and mastering what Beachwood Recordings considers to be one of the crown jewels in its catalog. James Lee was either in the studio recording his latest solo CD, Backstage At The Resurrection or recording All Wood and Doors with Cliff for the entire year. Cliff has been on tour promoting his latest solo CD, 500 Miles: The Blue Rock Sesssions, when he wasn’t in the studio with James Lee recording All Wood and Doors. James will be returning to Seldovia as a headliner and Master of Ceremonies for the event.