Be a performer

Would you like to join us for next year’s Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival?

Our (non-headliner) performers are recruited throughout Alaska and you could be one!

We’re looking for musicians, vocalists, poets, comedians, dancers, and performing artists of all types and all ages. What have you got to entertain us with?

Each act gets 20 minutes total performance time on either Friday or Saturday night (includes setup time). We’re also interested in hearing from you about any workshops you could give.

In return, we’ll put you up during the festival and provide travel support (applicable to performers only; families or non-performing members of your party are your responsibility) as well as your personal entrance pass to the whole festival. We’ll sell your CDs at the gate and we don’t deduct from your take. Plus, you get to hang out with all of the other cool performers and jam your little heart out all night if you want.

There’s usually some food on the Saturday evening, but you’re responsible for feeding yourself otherwise.

Performer applications are due by April  10 each year and selections are finalized by April 20. If you are selected, we’ll ask you to sign a contract, which you may want to look at in advance.

Director Susan Mumma has some thoughts to share with you on performing in a small town.

Because our festival is held in the local school, there are limitations to our stage size, lighting and sound systems that may make them different from what you are used to in commercial venues. We also must follow school guidelines on use of the facility, which include restrictions on where we may carry food and drink and prohibit any alcohol or smoking on the premises.

Our sound system includes:

  • 2x main speakers, with stands    (Speakon connectors)
  • 2x monitor wedges  (1/4″ connectors)
  • ¼” speaker cables for main & monitors, Speakon adapters for mains
  • 2x  boom mic stands, with clips
  • 2x  straight mic stands, with clips
  • one chrome boom mic, marginal
  • six vocal mics, 3x Berhinger and 3x Audio-Technica
  • one 16 channel snake, with eight XLR & eight ¼” connectors
  • several  20 foot XLR cables
  • two  10 foot ¼” instrument cables
  • one RCA audio component / video cable (red-white-yellow) for CD player
  • one Yamaha 8 channel powered mixer  (note:  channels 7 & 8 are suspect, low signal level, only channels 1-6 are useable)

If there is additional sound equipment you usually require for performances, feel free to discuss this with our director but know that you may just have to bring your own with you.

Questions? Ask Festival Director Susan Mumma:

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