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Thank you for applying for Seldovia’s Summer Solstice Music Festival on Friday and Saturday, June 22 and 23. We are so pleased you are coming to share your talent with us. This year will be the 12th annual Music Festival in this unique location on the Kenai Peninsula.

Evening performances will begin at 6:30  p.m. and afternoon workshops will begin at 1 p.m. on Saturday at the Susan B. English School.

Please carefully review and sign the contract you have been sent and immediately return it in the self-addressed stamped envelope to our Festival Director, Susan Mumma.

Information regarding your specific housing, transportation, day/time of performance/workshop and sound checks will be sent to you separately. You may also find it helpful to review our basic visitor information.

If you plan to offer CDs or other merchandise for sale at the gate, please come prepared with a list and count of everything you’re dropping off for sale, plus the prices. A sign is nice if you have one, and we’re happy to put up mailing list signups or newsletters. Sorry–we’re not staffed to permit taking credit cards at the gate for sales, but we do accept personal checks for your sales unless you request cash-only.

During the festival, we’ll provide a green room for (relatively quiet) warmup and snacks. Because this room is not secure, we don’t advise leaving your instruments or valuables unattended there. We do have a locked space adjacent to the gate where your instruments may be stored during and between festival events, including overnight; our gofer will provide access whenever you need. If you would like to leave your instrument or equipment at the venue on Saturday night to be picked up prior to departure the following day, please arrange with the gofer for a Sunday morning appointment time or you will arrive to find the school locked up. No items may be left at the venue after Sunday noon.

If you have questions, please contact Susan Mumma at or (907) 234-7416.  (cell:907-299-1612)

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