A …..Tour of the Seldovia Festival

The festival

Festival workshops are sometimes held outdoorsThe Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival is a two-day event held on the June weekend closest to the summer solstice each year since 2002 by the Seldovia Arts Council.

The festival typically involves two evening performances, afternoon workshops, and artist jams throughout the community. Performers come from all over the world and there is always a special place for local acts at the festival as well. All festival events unless noted otherwise on the program are held at Susan B. English School.

What will you experience at the Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival?

First of all, look around: you will find yourself in one of the most picturesque little towns in Alaska. Everything is within walking distance of the center of town. You can stroll along the boardwalk, go for a walk on the Otterbahn, enjoy the harbor with all its beautiful ships and dinghies. You can sneak into one of the local restaurants for a snack or a meal. Then, breathe: the air is fresh and even on a rainy day the salt air will take you back to the days of commercial fishing, to the world of the sea otter and sailing ships.

Dining alfresco on the waterfront during the Solstice FestivalOnce you get you oriented take a walk up to the Susan B. English School Ottertorium.

There you will find the best little festival ever. You get an up close and personal experience with folksingers and musicians from all over Alaska and, these days, the world. The venue is not fancy. The seats can get a bit hard, so bring a cushion if you have a tendency toward sore buns. You will be listening to two nights of music consisting of numerous 20 minute sets by selected artists and a nationally known headliner, and the program lasts from about 6:30 until we are finished. You can come and go as you wish.

There will be a song circle at one of the local restaurants Saturday morning and lots of workshops the tickle your fancy on Saturday afternoon, so bring your instrument with you even if you are not a festival performer.

Jamming is going to happen all over town, however and whenever, and we hope that there will be dancing too. The camaraderie is just great!!!!!!

The presenters

The festival is sponsored by the Seldovia Arts Council with support from granting agencies, Susan B. English School, and many business and volunteer supporters in the community.

Susan Mumma, chair of the Seldovia Arts Council, is the festival director. She organizes performer selection and oversees the staging of the festival.

You may contact Susan Mumma at (907)234-7416 or festival@seldoviarowingclub.net or by mail c/o Seldovia Arts Council, P. O. Box 41, Seldovia, Alaska, 99663.

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