2011 Festival Sponsors and Volunteers A Big Thanks to You!!!!

Festival Committees:

Susan Mumma   Festival Director and Website crew, grants, programming advertising

Laurel Hlits  posters and publicity , board member

Darlene Crawford  Merchandizing and photographs, board member

Tania Spurkland .Travel and gate, crew

Jerry Stranik : housing ,crew, after party host,

Sadi Synn  sound ,lights and stage crew

Dan McElrath, sound and wing man for musicians

Veda McElrath  sound crew

Felicia Rowland.green room , crew,gate

Tobben Spurkland financials,sponsorships, crew

Suzie Stranik, Hospitality and performer dinner, crew, after party hostess

Kathleen George  program design

Ruth  Sensenig  Open Mike,  crew

Rob Rurka  crew

Rose McInnes    stage crew


Bob Moser   stage manager , crew

Harmony Moser  photographs

Judith Lethin   gospel jam

Susan Zerwick crew

Byron McCord crew

Margie McCord   crew

Rebecca Lambourn:  workshops and crew, publicity

Byron McCord: Crew

Sheri Burt, Crew

Jackie Graese, crew

Trinket Gallien  and SVT  program printing

Monty Hingley  pre-sales

Financial Sponsors:

Gerald M. Stranik DDS

June M uminski Trust

Bradford G. Keithley

Tide Pool Café

Michael J Keenan

Mike Webber

Auntie’s Whole Foods

Robert D Maurer

Crabpot Grocery

Susan Zerwick

Uminski Family Trust

Seldovia Sea Catch

Integrity   Survey, Inc.

Doug and Jasnett Garrison

Margie and Byron McCord

Mark and Felicia Rowland

George and Trina Smallwood

Alaska Grace

Sea Parrot Inn

Gary Bader

Alaska State Council on the  Arts




Tania and Tobben Spurkland

Jerry and Suzie Stranik

Val and Zane Henning

Corkey and Carol Meyers

Susan Mumma

Time and Savannah Lethin

Mike Webber

The Pollacks (Boardwalk Hotel)





Food donations:

Suzie Strank

Happy Schnieder

Mary Beth  Beck

Margie McCord

Darelene Crawford

Mary Anne Wilson

Tania Spurkland

Valarie Morin

Isabelle at the Mad Fish

Bev Dubie

Rebecda Lambourn

Jacke Gaese

Tamara Blodgett

Crystal Collier

Monty Hingley

Harmony and Bob Moser


Dancing Eagles (Gospel Jam Site)

Herring Bay Mercantile ( tickets and pre-sales)

Sea Otter Community Center (venue)

Seldovia Chamber of Commerce (publicity)

Seldovia Village Tribe (program printing)

Susan B. English School   (venue)

Tide Pool Café  (Song Circle)

Linwood (Performer  Meet and Greet)

City of Seldovia


Media and Advertising

Seldovia.com  Jenny Chisuss

KBBI  Marsha Lynn

Homer Tribune Randy Sommers

Anchorage Daily News

Homer News

Kenai Clarion

Redoubt Reporter  Jenny Neyman







Brian Slover

Kirby Corwin

Jennifer Dickson

Chris Lillo

Carl Kitrell

Betsy Scott

Rob Rurka

Tracy Philpot

Mark Janes

Ruth Sensenig

Judith Lithin

Robin Hopper

Jennifer Gordon

Steve Hinds

Bob  Childers

Bianca De Leon

Dan McElrath

The Nelezens

Paul Thompson

Mari Jamieson,

Peter Krimp

Matt Crimp

Kevin Cassity

Kippy  Lanz

Lisa Jamieson

Moira smiley

April Guthrie

Inga Swearingen

Jaime Michaels

Victoria Ingersoll

Natalie Grimes



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