Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival Performer Roster!

7 05 2012

2012 Seldovia Summer Solstice Performer list :

Rant and Raven Morris Dancers:  Dawn Berg, Chris Berg, Lyn Lemon, Joanne Teague, Karin Gustafson, Serena Coons, Dan Coons, Donna Levesque

Angela Kositz & Lee Pekrul

Cindy McKenna Band: Cindy McKenna, Sunrise Sjoberg , Tim Quinn, Milo Matthews, Lindianne Sarno

Rick Brooks

Dan Crary &Thunderation: Dan Crary, Steve Spurgin, Martin Stevens

James Lee  Stanley  & Cliff Eberhardt

Eric Braendel & Sean Braendel

Billy Goat: Kirby Corwin, Kari Henrich, Chris Lilo and Jeff Snedgen

Hurricane Dave

Robin Hopper

John Cook &Ken Sease

Dan Mc Elrath   Take a look at Dan and Inga from last year’s fest

Susan Mumma

Milo Matthews

Tom Begich

Dr. Suzanne Summerville



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