2011 Workshops Schedules and Descriptions

Time Room Artist Workshop Audience        
1:00 Beluga Bianca De Leon FingerstyleGuitar Bring your guitar        
1:00 Eagle Jaime Michaels and Paul Thompson   Songwriting tips all        
1:00 Community  Robin Hopper  Ring and Sing: Choirchimes and Boomwhackers all        
2:00 Beluga Rough Diamonds HOW TO BE ON THE ROAD…………….AND NOT KILL EACH OTHER all        
2:00 Eagle Nelezen Line Dance Kids        
2:00 Community Kevin Cassity Slow  hand jam all        
3:00 Beluga Steve Hinds Autoharptechniques Bring your autoharp        
3:00 Eagle Moira Smiley  and VOCO Stomp, Holler and Harmonize All voices        

Saturday Workshop Descriptions

  1. Autoharp Workshop – (Steve Hinds)So you have an autoharp stashed in the closet – inherited it from someone long ago and have wondered how to make music with it.  Bring your harp and/or your curiosity down and learn from Steve Hinds, who has been playing autoharp since 1992.  If you have your harp in tune, that would be even better.  We will spend time learning how to play from a melody and lead standpoint.  In addition, we will discuss autoharp repair and rebuilding.
  2. Saturday  Songwriters : (Jaimie Michaels and Paul Thompson) songwriting workshop – participants bringtheir guitar – we would look at lyrics, song structure, where we get ideasfor songs from, and share some music in a song writer’s circle.
  3.  HOW TO BE ON THE ROAD..AND NOT KILL EACH OTHER   ( Diamonds in the Rough) :This session will provide some tips that will help you avoid the “band crasher”moments.  Whether your in a family band, a duo, or a  100 piece orchestra, Diamonds in the Rough will give you tips on how to cope with differences, travel with band members, and even how to look fresh on stage after a long drive.  Band camaraderie is very important for a healthy successful group, socome with any questions or concerns, and Diamonds in the Rough will do theirbest to help your group become better and not bitter!
  4.  Ring and Sing workshop. (Robin Hopper)  Learn to play Boomwhackers and Choirchimes!  Robin has arranged several well-known songs for these fun instruments, and you don’t need to know how to read music to play them.  Easy and fun for everyone, ages 10 to adult
  5.  All Hands Slow Jam (Kevin Cassity and Peter Crimp) Not to worry Kevin and Peter will lead you in a fun approach to playing well (musically) with others even if you’ve not tried it lately. All instruments welcome
  6. Fingerstyle guitar  with Tex-Mex stylist Bianca DeLeon .Bianca learned her style from Lightnin  Hopkins and Townes  Van Zandt.  She tours around the world and has had c.d.’s in the top of the Euro-Americana chart. Bring your guitar and have some fun.
  7. Dance with the Nelezens… country or line-dance..
  8. Stomp, Holler & Harmonise Moira Smiley travels the world-wide network of choral music to create joyous, deeply musical singing experiences.  Her wide-ranging singing/composing path  takes her from singing with Ladysmith Black Mambazo to recording Arvo Part’s music with Paul Hillier.  She is always drawn back to the power of folksong, body percussion and harmony.  She’ll bring her VOCO ensemble (Inga Swearingen & April Guthrie) to co-lead a workshop of unusual folk repertoire, voice techniques, percussive movement and more.  Inga Swearingen is well-known to NPR audiences for her frequent singing on A Prairie Home Companion and her solo “farm-jazz” tours.  April Guthrie is an extraordinary cellist / singer with a folksinger’s heart and an avant-garde soul – she brings fire and beauty to the low-end of all VOCO shows.  Their articulate and gentle approach will have you singing with full breath & relaxation, and your ear sharpened for style & timbre while discovering new kinds of song and movement you may not have thought you could do!  Moira quickly gets a group singing by ear as well as by music reading – you will experience four-part harmony, singing in other languages, improvising and moving.  [ Repertoire from folk / new music of: Eastern Europe, Appalachia, Americana, Irish/Scots, Moira’s compositions ] You do not need to prepare in advance – just come with open ears and        your voice, in whatever shape you find it!!

Friday Workshop Descriptions 

  1. Friday Songwriter’s workshop ( Robin Hopper) -Writing exercises inspired by 10 years of  Alaska Midnight Sun Songcamp workshops.  Bring a pencil and have some creative fun
  2. Friday Dance Workshop with the Nelezens Beginning Country dance with  two hours of time to practice your footwork.

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