Schedule of Events

  • Thursday

Ferry Jam starts when the ferry leaves the Homer Harbor..and lasts until we get to Seldovia. The Tustemena (Alaska Marine Highway) is scheduled to leave at 11:45 AM

6:PM There will be a no host performer/staff meet and greet at the Linwood Bar and Grill

8:PM  Open Mike at Susan B. English School (this is for those who would like a 15 minute chance to perform but who do not already have a slot.

  • Friday

8 AM Yoga in the community center with Betsy Scott

10 – 12  AM   In depth songwriting workshop lead by Robin Hopper with the help of other festival performers. Community Center

10-12   AM  Learn to country dance with The Nelezens  Eagle

10 AM Sound check for moira smiley and VOCO and Jaime Michaels. Mainstage

1-4 or so… sound checks for everyone else..see soundcheck schedule

Friday meals on your own.

6:00 Festival Hall doors open SBE Commons

7:00 PM  Brian Slover:

7:30 Paul Thompson (Buskalaska)

8:00 Don and Karen McNatt

8:30 Diamonds in the Rough (Natalie Grimes and Victoria Ingersoll)

9:00  Dan McElrath

9:30  Break

9:45  moira smiley and VOCO

10:35  Jaime Michaels

11:05   Billy Goat Kirby Corwin, Jen Dixon, Curtis Dixon, Chris Lillo, Carl Kittrell,

  • Saturday

8 Am  Yoga with Betsy Scott at the community center

10:  AM  Tide Pool Jam Song Circle at the Tide Pool Cafe

1-4  Workshops:  (See Workshop Schedule for descriptions )

4   Community prepared  Performer Dinner at SBE School  ( For all performers and staff)

6:00  Doors to the Festival Hall open

7:00  Mt. Echo  (Steve Hinds and Mike Childers)

7:30  Bianca De Leon

8:00 Betsy  Scott

8:30  Acoustic Banana ( Lisa Jamieson, Mare Jamieson, Kevin Cassity, Matt Crimp, Peter Crimp, Kippy Lanz)

9:00  Robin Hopper ( Robin and Bruce Hopper)

9:30   Break

9:45Jaime Michaels

10:35 moira smiley and VOCO ( with April Guthrie and Inga Swearingen)

11:05  Curtis is This / Dance…Rob Rurka, Jen Dixon, Curtis Dixon  Tracy Philpot , Mark Jaynes, Ruth Sensenig,

  • Sunday

2 PM  Gospel Jam on Dancing Eagles’s porch.

Sound checks


1. Brian Slover

1:15. Paul Thompson

1:30. The McNatts

1:45 Diamonds in the Rough

2:00 Dan McElrath

2:15  Mt Echo

2:30 Bianca De Leon

2:45 Betsy Scott

3:00 Robin Hopper

3:30  Billy Goat

3:45  Curtis is This

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